Friday, August 2, 2013

Press PUBLISH, PROMOTE, and PLOT the next book!

Facebook Event for Defeat the Darkness Don't forget to stop by for the Kindle link to Defeat the Darkness Saturday through Monday.

If we encounter an issue I'll help you out. Amazon is suffering from a few glitches today.

My new post is about what the author does once the publishing is done. Well, there is the promotional side of getting your book the exposure it deserves. If no one knows about it, they can't even go looking for it. They might be missing one of the best reads of their lives. (Probably are, too.) All because this essential step -- the dreaded promotion -- is skimmed over. As authors, we're basically introverts. (I've seen a few of you on FB and know this is not a hard and fast rule.)

Anyway, while you're promoting, there's no reason you can't keep thinking about your plot for the next book. You could even take notes or break up your writing time between promoting and writing the next book. Right now all I want to do is dive in to my next book in the series. But I can't. Once you have been living your life in your fantasy world, it's hard to come back to the reality of social networks and daily living.

Since the Kindle version of my book keeps fluctuating between being 'live' and going back to 'draft' status, my reality is temporarily annoying. I hope it will continue to be available through the weekend promotion. Such is the life of the self published author. Since I've done it both ways, I guess I'm considered a hybrid, much like my characters. Pass on your recommendations. I want you to know how very much I value your support. Thank you for all the kind and encouraging remarks.

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