Saturday, January 11, 2014

Choices in Publishing - Why we do what we do,

How many of you can't decide whether to self publish or look for something more? I started the traditional hunt for an agent then had a few opportunities to get my work read by a New York editor. I decided to try a small e press for one of my novellas and a different one for one of my others. Through trial and error and testing the waters I decided what would work best for me, and I think these are some things you should consider before deciding where to shop your book around.

So much has changed in the last few years. I've been on the breaking edge of the publishing house walls falling down. If it was a tight market in New York before, it's even tighter now! Fewer houses means fewer chances for a newbie to get started. Agents are doing a different job than they ever did before, publishers are looking at Amazon and shopping their top selling indie authors.

I'm thinking in terms of sports. There are a handful of top of the market sports figures and so many waiting to fill those positions.

Independent authors have many different reasons for pursuing the self publishing market place. I for one see the pros and cons of each...and recently have come to think I'm ready to search for a small press publisher who can meet my needs. I guess it isn't all about the money. Time is very important to the author. Turning over the reins to someone else frees up more time for writing.  That being said I still like having more input on my cover, how the book is released and marketing strategies. Once the book goes to print doesn't mean that's the end of the book. An author expects book sales until every person has read their book. Okay so maybe that's extreme, but as long as there's one more person to read it, I want the same exposure it's always gotten. Some people only have one book in them. Those who are prolific, churn them out and keep the hoppers filled. A publisher's interest is in contracting and publishing books, putting more and more of them out there, but they aren't all mine. Who knew? LOL.

I love doing the book covers. It's like a reward for finishing the first draft of the book. I get to use my creative juices in a slightly different way. I'd equate writing and cover creation to dinner and dessert.



  1. I agree Eliza. Part of the biggest problem of a new author is getting noticed and being found by readers. If we don't make the bestselling lists it's really difficult to get some traction in sales. You brought up some good points. I feel like I still need the things I learn from a publishing house at this point in my career, plus the minimal time and money investment allows me to keep writing new stories and it volume seems to be important as quality to keep readers happy.

    Thank you for the blog this morning.

  2. Yes, Missy it doesn't help having your book buried beneath 1 million others or trying to figure out the algorithms search engines use, either.

    Thanks for coming by.

  3. Great post Eliza. Thank you for it.

    As a small fish in a really huge pond, I oft find myself floundering with the "notice me, notice me" frantic panic. That's lessening these days but I still get frustrated by it. But I love what I write and love reading emails from the readers I do have that want to know when the "more" is coming out LOL

    Love your covers btw.

    1. It's a wonderful feeling to have enthusiastic readers.

  4. I agree with you.
    You want to write, but the "business" of publishing takes much of that time away.

    Cover design, formatting, marketing etc is all necessary activities for the self publishing author, but it also takes you away from doing the one thing that will make you successful at publishing whether traditionally published or self published, and that is writing more books.

    More books is one of the best ways to earn income and a career writing books and doing what you love.

    So, we have a service where you can publish and we will be your "publishing house" while you continue to write.

    It's not free and it is an investment, but an author has to decide how much their time is worth in getting professionally books out into the world and producing more books is worth.

    1. There are so many choices an author has now that wasn't available...yesterday.