Sunday, November 16, 2014

#amwriting #NaNoWriMo #Scrivener Three times the writing pressure? Problem solved!

The Cameron Plaid. Well, my one project has grown into three. I'm almost halfway through the second novella. It's putting a lot of pressure on me because I'd like to be done by Thanksgiving. Looking forward to finishing so that book will be out there for you during the right season. (Duh! I wish I had thought of my hot New Year Highlander before National Novel Write Month began.) Too late to moan now. Instead, I'm doubling and tripling my word count to make up for it. And honestly, if it weren't for Dragon would never happen. If I'm grateful for anything, I'm grateful to NaNoWriMo for forcing me to finally learn how to use this program. And because I'm using it in Scrivener, I'm forced to learn that one too. So those of you authors who sit there typing away with your ideas flowing like molten lava, speed up the process--think quickly, speak clearly, keep moving forward. Don't look back. Only edit what you transcribe. Then move on.

So that's my writing advice for the day. I'm going to go out and do a little shopping. It's cold in Florida, and I'm going up north to visit my kids. Just realized the only shoes I have that aren't sneakers are flip-flops. Those of you who know me realize going shopping for me is probably a bigger accomplishment than writing "The End." But when I get back, I promise to tell you all about my shopping experience ... after I write the next thousand words to meet my 3000 word goal today.

I'm only counting the words I write in my sci-fi book, but I did write in the other this morning. And when I'm finished with my New Year Highlander and National Novel Writing Month, I'm going back to finish Damn the Darkness for all of you who are waiting for the third book in the Hearts of Darkness series. It will be coming to you in early 2015.

And for anyone who reads this far... he's a little inspiration to get me moving and back to Dylan and Jackson. Poor Caitlin is waiting for her happily ever after, boys!


  1. Going shopping is an excellent idea. Hope you get back to the boys.

    1. SHopping exhausted me. The boys had to wait. LOL


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