Saturday, December 6, 2014

#iamwriting #amediting Updates - NaNoFail - Not really

Boo hoo. I didn't complete the 50,000 words I planned to finish in November on 'one' book. But I did write over 50,000 words for the month. I got a nice outline for my "futuregovDOTorg" book called The Harrow and a nice start on characterizations.

The next Highlander book is going to be enchanting. I'm pleased with my progress on that one, too. 

Now for the challenge: Damn the Darkness. I've jokingly mentioned never include the word DAMN in your title because it's a self fulfilling prophesy -- it's been a challenge getting finished. November was a success in that it pushed DTD closer to the finish line, so I also am thankful for that. One thing I'd been fighting was the high sexuality the story began with from the start. 
I tried to tone it down, but the plot and characters just wouldn't allow for it. 

Sorry, for those of you who aren't fans of erotic romance, but these characters are just downright sexy. I tried over and over again to keep them in check, but there was no stopping the inevitable. Dylan, Caitlin, and Jackson get tortured through their story, while Max continues his struggles with his attraction to the fae/demoness Halfling. 

I'm going to provide some heat for you up north over this cold winter, but I'm also putting them in danger. The action with the new bad asses should be fun. 

Wait 'til you meet Jackson in his VAEWOLF form. Powerful, frightening, mouthwatering all rolled up in one immortal being. Nothing can stop him except the loss of his honor. How can he live knowing what he's done to the man who is more than a brother, and the woman he loves?
Damn the Darkness is the third book coming in the Hearts of Darkness series.

See the other books at Amazon, Nook, SMASHWORDS, and most other distributors.
Defeat the Darkness, 1  and  Conquer the Highland Beast, 2

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