Monday, July 6, 2015

My favorite lines from The Leopard The Lion and The Wolf by Eliza March #favoritelines #elizamarch

The Leopard, The Lion, and The Wolf
...“Six months of bad sex with a man who announces somewhere between appetizers and the main course that he’s indulging in dessert elsewhere is the kind of man you can do without.” Mariah patted Kenzie’s shoulder and confirmed what she already knew.

How do you feel about deception?

...He smelled of winter fresh air and man, smoke from the fireplace and something different. What a scent. She wanted to nuzzle her nose into his neck and drop her head to his muscular chest.

How does scent effect your enjoyment of a description?

.... Not sexually adventurous my ass! Adventure was going to become her middle name. 

Done anything sexually adventurous that you don't tell just anyone about?

...Two fantastic orgasms in one afternoon, and she hadn’t even had sexual intercourse with anyone. What would fucking them be like if not fucking them was this good?

They say the mind controls orgasms equally if not more than the body. Ever get turned on reading or looking?

...Kenzie grabbed a handful of snow and packed it into a ball. She threw it at the wolf, but it ignored her while digging in larger and larger circles around the sleigh. Kenzie threw snowball after snowball at it, trying to distract the wolf from Adam. She circled, noticed the wolf was a male, and pounded him from behind until he turned on her. Facing her, he growled. He caught the last snowball in his mouth and sneezed his disgust before shaking and trotting off into the woods.

Enjoy a little snark in what you're reading?

...“The destiny was ours—all of ours.”
“Shit, what will she think when she wakes?” Adam worried.
A slight smile formed on Trent’s lips. “That she fell asleep with two men and woke up with a mountain lion and a wolf?”

If you've read the book, what was one of your favorite lines? 

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