Saturday, November 16, 2019

On the Lighter Side of Paranormal Romance

…And on the lighter side of paranormal with an odd twist there’s the next novella in the As the Chair Turns series.
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A Witch’s Curse, which I expected to complete in March, April, May… I guess I wasn’t feelin’ it. This is a series I write for fun, so if it isn’t fun…I’m not writin’. In any case, life settled down and became a giggle fest again so I could remember the funny parts. You get the point …this is now on pre-order at most outlets.
A Witch's curse copy
That means it will be available for you to read on Christmas Eve if you buy it now. I have the rest of this time to polish it up and shine it just for you. Buy it now and carve out some time for yourself to read it once the gifts are wrapped and distributed on December 24th.  It’s time to find out what happened after the Christmas party last year, isn’t it?

And here's a teaser for you...

For those of you who don’t know yet, I'm Delia Belaquoit, and I manage Luna de la Mar, the world’s most exclusive salon and spa—and more—located in Boca. Not THE Boca. The other Boca.
You know, the salon I manage is located in the heart of town, but the underground tunnels and caverns extend into another dimension—totally awesome. The staff is varied and talented—the gnomes in their caves and the forest elves, the nymphs and faeries below ground and more in their private chambers working their magic daily. Then there are the vampires, shifters, Halflings, etcetera who work miracles with the clientele. I'm brand new at this paranormal-fantasy stuff, so I just go about my daily life routinely managing the most elite salon and spa on this side of the Atlantic, while dodging magic bullets and avoiding charmed arrows with the help of a few new friends.
This town and its supernatural inhabitants are full of secrets, and I'm responsible for keeping them safe. Their secrets, that is. Not the inhabitants. They don’t need any help from me. I haven’t quite figured out what I am or what I’m capable of, yet. So, think of me as a work in progress, slightly unstable and therefore undependable in the save your ar$e category.
P.S. Trying to give up using vulgarities. Not working as you can see.
Carrie and Jen, my two best friends, are witches. Yup! Real witches—casting charms and curses, Glamour loving, nose twitching, finger snapping magical witches. Discovering that (along with everything else) was a rock the world moment for me.  I didn’t believe it, at first, either. But take my word for it. They’re coven loving, craft chanting, cauldron brewing witches. Real, magical witches.
Thank goodness my besties—I think of them as my witch bitches—had my back through all of this so far, because, from time to time, things have gotten pretty hairy in the literal sense, no pun intended. Think full moon and shifters. Cats, wolves, bears. You name it. We got it.
The salon itself is a workplace environment where diversity rules. Every paranormal being from pixies to gargoyles, and some you’ve never even imagined, wander through from time to time—humans too. That’s the real challenge. 

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Monday, November 11, 2019

WereCat Fever

Hunter Cauldwell's bond with Bryan runs deeper than blood. He brought Bryan back from the brink of death years ago, and now, together, they must save Lacey and try not to kill each other in the process. But first, they'll have to reveal their secret to her and convince the stubborn woman to cooperate.

Sweet n Sexy Divas: SEALs make the best heroes

Sweet n Sexy Divas: SEALs make the best heroes: Desiree Holt - And here is why Leave a comment for a digital copy of Unmasking Evil, the book that gave birth to my new series, HEROES RISING. DESPE...

Friday, September 27, 2019

You've met me before...I'm E.L. March and here's The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf

Are you ready for action, romance, and a different kind of passion? E.L. March is the author who can deliver. The ebook will be available in early October 2019. Have a look in your favorite site for the electronic version.
I'll be posting a few links and excerpts.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Explode From the Depths of the Undiscovered

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I was reading spam today… Sometimes it sparks a thought. The company mentioned how authors spend so much time writing their books only to see them buried beneath tons of virtual books online.
Frankly, I remember walking into libraries and bookstores experiencing the smell of the pulp and ink, and that overwhelming sensation of “so many books–so little time.” Where to begin…
I worked in a library in college and learned how to search and whittle down my preferences, yet still the numbers and varieties of books are vast and countless.
I love books… especially tangible books. But having a library or bookstore in the palm of my hand…think of it, the knowledge of lifetimes is available electronically to anyone with an e-reader… How does one choose from all those books?
Reviewers, you see how you matter, right? Search engine developers think of your responsibilities. Librarians listed books according to categories and the N.Y. Times best seller list depended on publishers and reviewers to promote the books. Well, money still talks. Darn it.
But hope springs eternal someone once said. Every once in awhile an unknown book or author will break through the millions of new titles and rise to the top of the lists. A miracle of discovery, a gift for readers of that genre.
You know the accidental yet totally deserved success stories I’m talking about. The books that explode out of nowhere by unknown authors who have struggled with invisibility, disinterested agents, editors, and publishers.
It’s about the money. You know that and I know that.
“That isn’t what readers want.”
“We aren’t publishing that now.”
“No money in that genre.”
“It may come back but not now.”
Self publishing solved the publishing issue but money seems to be the only other way to solve the invisibility issue…or is it?
When you find that gem of a read, the one that puts a smile on your lips at the very first page and grips you to the very last, share it. Rave about it to the world, please. Word of mouth is still the best way of advertising.