Sunday, October 25, 2015

An Erotic Romantic November and two novels for #NaNoWriMo

It's approaching that time of year again when we're reminded to write fast and consistently. But fall or not, I'm still writing hot...getting ready to warm up my readers come spring.

This year keeping my characters' names straight and out of each others' books has been a challenge. Never work on so many stories you have to write XX said, "Hey there, YY did you see that broad in the see-through bathing suit?" Or Hero #1 approached the heroine while hero #2 ran his hand down  her back. The capital H designated #1 is an alpha at least I can keep their character traits separate. Don't worry I'm getting ready to name them.

Hot in the Tropics is a novella, my NaNoWriMo challenge this year. Shorter than the required 40,000 words because I'm writing it for a multi-author anthology, it will force me to complete a second book in order to meet the requirements. 

The second story is another book I planned to release in the spring, but instead, I'll be waiting to release it right before summer. Hot Highland Summer part of the Erotic Journeys series will take you back to Collin's estate in Scotland (Hot Highland Fling) and this time, Aisla's best friend, Naomi is house sitting and looking for a Highland hunk to take her mind off her broken heart. Daegus is just the man to fill the bill. See they have names.

But the kicker is I'm also working on another book, the first literary fiction novel I've ever written. So far I've been dictating the story into WATTPAD--during my first excursion into that social media. The story takes place in the Hamptons on the south shore of Long Island. This will be another first for me as I revisit my childhood and the village I cherished until as an adult I learned that hard lesson can't go home again. Off Season is a fictional story set in a small beach town. It delves into the background of the families who've lived there for generations, while the New York city wealthy and famous invaded the quiet beach village on weekends and summers. Read about the under current of power and control coming in the fall of 2016.

There you have it. The pressure is on. Anyone have any comments or advice about staying focused. One book a day? or should I do as I've been trying to do? Set daily goals for each after writing the synopsis for each. Any other ideas to offer? I know many of you are type A organizers.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What's Eliza Up To? #IAmWriting

CLICK on my work in progress page WIP for updates about what I'm working on now and when you can expect to see some of my new releases.

How about an adult excerpt?
Highland Summer Sizzle
by Eliza March 
Coming in 2016
Even from a distance, when Dr. Naomi Walters stepped from the car and pushed the mass of thick blonde ringlets over her shoulder, Daegus' breath caught in his chest. God, what a rack. How had he missed that body when he'd seen her picture and the video?
She turned back to the car, and as she leaned inside for something, the movement exposed a pair of slender legs and miles of pale skin below the short skirt of her spring flowered dress. He found himself begging her to reach in a bit further. He wanted to run his hands over her hips, down those firm rounded cheeks, and slip his fingers between them, searching for her warm wet folds. Heat snaked through him and blood pooled in his groin as his balls tightened.
She stood up and looked around holding a cell phone to her ear. He'd stepped quietly down the stairs on the east side while all of her attention had been focused to the west.
“I'm here safe and sound and ready to follow in your footsteps.” She gave a glance over at the working men and added, “All ready to play with the local lads.”

Her throaty announcement made his gut clench. His reaction to her remained the same. Nothing had changed.
All rights reserved copyright 2015 Eliza March

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#Witches by Eliza March

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This time of year brings out the kid in all of us. I'm always amazed that one of my best friends who is highly educated, extremely professional, and analytical all year, tries to drag me to every haunted house in the county during the month of October. Her house is decorated with ghoulish severed heads and eeeery music plays when the doorbell rings.

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When I was young this was the time of year I looked forward to most. The school parties and the trick or treating were something I anticipated all month. But usually by the time the Halloween arrived I was sick with my first winter bug. I love seeing the little ones in their costumes now. What a collection of choices there are, from super heroes to cars! I remember the year my teenage daughter gathered a group of friends and dressed up as a hundred and one dalmatians. The next year, with a smaller group, they dressed up as dice.

Now I like this season for another reason. I'm crazzzzy for witches and warlocks. Love the stories and the concepts. Just the words associated with them make me happy. Cauldron is an awesome word. Eye of newt sounds so mysterious. Carved pumpkins lit with candles have taken on a new look. They're almost artistic in variety. (My husband carves a mean pumpkin.)

My paranormal menage, Witch of Air and Fire, isn't your typical witch story. But the heroine is a witch and she does have a sassy familiar. There are also some warlocks...but that's where the similarity stops. This is about a hidden power and an irresistible connection between characters. In the end, you'll ask yourself what is real and what is fantasy.